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Police warn dog owners to be vigilant as two puppies die after antifreeze poisoning

Credit: PSNI

Police have issued a warning to dog owners after two puppies died from antifreeze poisoning.

The Boston-terrier cross puppies, Fudge and Theodore, died last week. It is believed they drank antifreeze.

It is believed this may have occurred in the Castle Lane area of Lurgan, with officers saying it is possible the dogs drank the poison thinking it was water.

On the PSNI's Craigavon Facebook page, an officer wrote: "This is a tragic story, one you may already have read about last week. However, as the weather gets better (hopefully) and dog walkers go further afield, it's important to get this warning out there.

"Recently, 2 adorable puppies, Fudge and Theodore, were poisoned. Both, tragically, have died. It is believed they drank antifreeze, something which to them would taste sweet and smell like a treat. Suffice to say, it is deadly.

"This may have occurred in the Castle Lane area of Lurgan, however that cannot be absolutely confirmed, and it is possible they simply lapped up what they thought was water.

"Dog owners, and concerned dog lovers alike, be vigilant. If this was accidental, it could have leaked from a car or spilled out of a bottle. If it wasn't, then it would have entailed someone coming into a garden."

"Report ANY suspicious activity. This week we've seen yet another example of someone simply watching unknown people creeping round their neighbour's house and not reporting it until we did door to door enquiries for a burglary!! Now imagine it was a dog that died as a result of not picking up the phone...

"Our thoughts are with Fudge and Theodore's owners at this time, but let's get that message of vigilance out there to make sure it doesn't happen to any other pups."

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