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Police warning after youths climb on roof of homes and businesses in Portadown


Police have appealed for information.

Police have appealed for information.

Police have appealed for information.

Police have issued a stern warning after young people climbed on to the roof of homes in the Portadown area.

Officers were called to the Ballyoran area on Tuesday night where it was reported that youths were causing annoyance.

Police branded that an "understatement".

Posting on Facebook officers said: "Young people had been on the roof of multiple homes and businesses in the area and some had even caused damage while up there.

"This is not only frightening for some residents but it's ridiculously dangerous. I don't need to explain the consequences if the tiles or roof give way or if someone was to slip or fall while up there.

"Folks, you will be caught eventually, it's pointless. Why you would want to get onto a roof is beyond me."

They added: "If you're reading this, think of how upset one of your family members, maybe an elderly relative, would feel if someone was clattering about their roof in the hours of darkness, wrecking their property that they had worked to pay for.

"If anyone has any information in relation to this, please don't hesitate to let us know by calling 101.

"Rest assured, ourselves in LPT and our colleagues in the local neighbourhood team will be active in the area."

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