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Police warning to gang of drunken youths terrorising pensioners in Co Armagh: PSNI use CS gas on yobs


Police made two arrests during trouble in Lurgan

Police made two arrests during trouble in Lurgan

Police made two arrests during trouble in Lurgan

PSNI officers have sent a Facebook warning to a gang of youths terrorising pensioners in Craigavon.

Police were called to an underpass on the Portadown Road in Lurgan on Friday night, where around 20 young thugs were throwing stones and bottles at passing cars.

The drunken yobs - many of whom appeared under age - turned on police, who had to use CS gas and made two arrests.

On Facebook, the PSNI said:  “If you are one of the ones who chose not to walk away, but hurl bottles and abuse, or try to intervene in and obstruct the arrests, please call up to the station and we’ll talk more about it...after caution.”

In their post, the police also hit out at “the wannabe paparazzi” who filmed officers on their phones and tried to prevent arrests being made.

“Those videos would really help identify the almost dozen others who obstructed us and who were disorderly. Tag us when you post them online please!”

The PSNI appealed to parents to find out where their children were going and said that lives could be lost of a car crashes after swerving to avoid a missile.

The post won a wave of messages of support from people who backed the police action.

One said: “Well done PSNI. These kids need to realise the dangers they are causing. Get their parents to make them clean up and then apologise to the residents they are disturbing.”

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