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Police worker escapes bomb attack

A police station guard had a miraculous escape after a car bomb partially exploded as he drove to work through a busy residential area.

The suspected dissident republican murder bid in Cookstown, Co Tyrone is the third failed booby trap attack against security force personnel in Northern Ireland in less than a week.

It is understood the detonator went off as the civilian police worker drove up a hill on the town's Sweep Road at around 8am on Tuesday, but the rest of the device failed to explode and fell off his red Ford Mondeo.

The terrorists' intended target was a former policeman aged in his late 50s who now works in the town's police station as a guard.

Local police commander Chief Superintendent Michael Skuce said it was unbelievable the man had walked away unscathed.

"This man got up this morning to go to his normal day's work at Cookstown police station unaware that some callous individuals had placed a viable explosive device underneath his car," he said.

"This device was designed for one purpose - to kill and injure. Those who planted it showed absolutely no regard for anyone. This is a densely populated and busy area.

"We are fortunate that we are not dealing with a multiple murder here today.

"The people of Cookstown do not want this. I know that the community stand with us and that we have their support."

The officers appealed for anyone with information to come forward.


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