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Polish family living in fear after hate attack

By Claire Williamson

A Polish family of four have told of their fear of living in their home after their house was pelted with eggs in a hate crime.

A mother, father and two children – including a three-year-old girl – were at their east Belfast home when the attack happened.

Egg shells and marks on the wall of their home and fence could still be seen.

The family have lived in Northern Ireland for the past six years but had only moved in to their Pearl Street home at the end of April.

Between 11pm and midnight on May 8, eggs were thrown at their house and at their car parked outside.

The father (43) heard some noise outside but the family didn't realise what had happened until the next morning when their neighbours called the police for them.

The 39-year-old mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "We are quite afraid of living here.

"We are just afraid that someone is going to break the windows or something like that or the car."

The family have said while they are not planning to move at the moment – they will if "something happened again."

"We are just scared of going out and we are afraid that something will happen – something more serious."

In their six years in Belfast this has never happened to them before. "We are going to stay here but we don't feel very safe here," they added.

The family were reluctant to blame their attack on the ongoing racism row which has dominated the headlines across Northern Ireland and the world.

When asked if they thought there was a lot of racism in Northern Ireland, the family said "yes".

"I think some of the people are nice but some people are just crazy."

While the family have never had their home attacked before, the 17-year-old son revealed he had been chased in the street by a gang when he was playing football.

He said: "It has happened about three times and in the past few weeks.

"I don't even know why. I'm afraid to go outside sometimes."

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