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Politicians are at odds over the name of new council

By Donna Deeney

Seven months before the amalgamated council of Derry City and Strabane comes into effect, its name is already proving to be a sticking point.

UUP councillor Derek Hussey brought his suggestion of Foyle District Council to the table of this week's meeting, but he failed to get any support – even from within his own party. While it was agreed in July that a consultant would be appointed to look at branding and designing a logo at a cost of £30,000, a row over the name now seems to be on the cards.

Mr Hussey said he was disappointed that his motion, which he claimed was both apolitical and inclusive, failed to find favour in any quarter.

Fellow Ulster Unionist Mary Hamilton, who refused to second the Hussey motion, said: "I would have like him to have mentioned the name of Londonderry, (but) I know it wouldn't have gone through and would have been voted out

"But I am very passionate about our city as the second city in Northern Ireland."

The likely outcome will be that the nationalist-controlled council will take the existing title of Derry City and Strabane District.

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