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Politicians slam car bomb bid

Politicians across Northern Ireland have condemned last week’s attempted bomb attack on an Army Major living in Bangor.

Last Wednesday, August 4, the soldier, who lives in the Chatsworth area, noticed the unexploded device underneath his car as he was about to leave his house.

It is believed the device fell off the car — it was later destroyed in a controlled explosion by the Army.

North Down UUP MLA Leslie Cree, a member of the Policing Board, has condemned those responsible. He said: “We cannot afford to be complacent and shrug off incidents where there is no loss of life — this is an echo of the past that seeks to drag us backwards.

“North Down has been relatively sheltered, and it will be a great shock to the community to have an attack of this nature perpetrated on their doorstep.

“While I am grateful that the device failed to detonate, it shows that we need to be vigilant and work together to end the terrorist threat.

Policing Board acting chair Brian Rea said: “There is no room for this type of attack in a society that overwhelmingly wants to work together to deliver peace and stability.

“Anyone with information should bring it to the attention of the police.”

SDLP justice spokesperson Alban Maginness added: “This attack suggests that the intelligence at the disposal of the perpetrators — and at the moment we can only speculate — is of a worrying level.”

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