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Poll: Have English cartoons mocking unionists gone too far?

The UUP’s Chris McGimpsey thinks satirists in the English media have gone too far in their mockery of Northern Irish protestant culture - do you agree?

"The cartoons adorning the English media at the moment, decrying a deal between the Conservative government and the DUP, have taken the abuse to a new level, " said Mr McGimpsey.

"To be sure, the cartoonists are no longer as blunt as Punch magazine of a century ago wherein we were always depicted with simian features, shillelaghs and bizarre clothing. Nevertheless, we have received a jolly good thrashing at the hands of the cartoonists.

Inevitably Ulster Protestant males are depicted as evil Orangemen. In one cartoon, four Orangemen - one of them sitting on a large bag marked 'SWAG', another one of them a horse - are interrogating a young boy as to his religion."

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