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Poll: Raunchy Rihanna rubs Christian farmer up the wrong way

What do the good folk of Northern Ireland think of the hullabaloo caused by the wheat field encounter between a pop princess and a Christian farmer outside Bangor?

You'd think they'd have done their research in advance, they could probably have saved on air fare and filmed in Utah, where the farmers are potentially less God-fearing than here. Farmer should have just charged extra and donated it to charity/church/whatever.

Belfast Engineer

Just as well there was a camera handy. Good to see some romping in north Down, though. Blow the cobwebs away.


There's plenty of room in my back garden if she wants to come along and dance there.

R A Clements

Well-known singer with concert in Belfast in a few days and the photo shoot just happens to be visible close to one of the busiest roads here. There was always going to be a story.

Soda Farl

I guess it's better late than never. The Government just had to wait until the last second to drop Air Passenger Duty. Perhaps, in atonement, the Government should approach Air Canada and try to get flights started again from Canada to Belfast.


Let's hope that the news is good, for once. For too long, the travel news, both in relation to APD and our local Translink rail network debacle, hasn't been to the traveller's advantage.


Looking forward to hearing the details of this development as it sounds like very good news from the Chancellor. It is only fair that Northern Ireland, like all of the other outlying and geographically disadvantaged parts of the country, should be exempt from APD.



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