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Poll: Should property be put up for sale to pay redress to abuse victims?

An Anglican church in Australia has grabbed headlines internationally this week with confirmation it will sell of a list of properties to pay redress to victims of child sex abuse.

The Anglican Church of Tasmania has released a list of 78 properties, including 55 churches, it plans to sell to allow it to raise funds to pay its liability of around $8m Australian (around £4.4m) to survivors of church sexual abuse.

Dr Richard Condie, the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, said the church's primary concern was to "meet our redress obligations".

“Today we are releasing a preliminary list of properties proposed for sale. This list is not exhaustive and is not yet finalised. We are at the very beginning of the process,” said Bishop Condie.

In January 2017, a four-year inquiry into state and church abuse was published just days before the collapse of Stormont recommending a financial redress scheme. 

It contained recommendations for state-backed compensation payments of up to £100,000 for victims.

Since the collapse of the power-sharing Executive provision for financial redress has not been included in Northern Ireland's budget.

Last month a historical abuse victim won the right to a full judicial review of the failure of the Northern Ireland secretary and the Executive Office to implement a redress scheme.

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