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Poll: What should Stephen Nolan have done after throwing up all over Belfast street?

Nolan became unwell after going out for dinner

Stephen Nolan has turned to his listeners for advice once again after he told how he vomited all over the street after going for dinner in Belfast - and didn't know what to do afterwards.

The BBC presenter said on Sunday night he went out for a meal by himself.

But when he came out of the restaurant he was sick all over the street.

He was then faced with a dilemma as he didn't know whether it was his responsibility to clean it up or not.

He said: "I stood there, because when I've been sick it's been at home. It was all over the street.

"I thought is it my responsibility to clean that up?

"You don't want to leave it there but you don't take a brush in the car with you.

"Should I have walked away and left it there or is it my responsibility to clear it up?"

He added: "My little life I impose on you on this programme - that's my latest dilemma."

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