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Poll: Woman intervenes to help rat - but would you have done the same?

A woman has spoken of how she intervened to help a rat in Belfast city centre after witnessing a man kicking it - but would you have done the same?

Teenager Lace Hollingworth told the Stephen Nolan show how she spotted a crowd watching a man repeatedly kick a large brown rat in Royal Avenue on Friday morning.

The vegan was so shocked at the brutality on display, she intervened and wrapped the animal in her work apron before attempting to take it to a vet.

However, she was hampered by the fact she could not find a driver that would take both her and the rodent to a vet.

She told the BBC: "His body was absolutely broken and he was panting for breath. I knew he was going to die, I just didn't want to leave him."

Lace described the rat as almost a foot long.

"He was actually quite big," she added.

"Rats are not actually classed as vermin, to some they may be but they are not."

The vet said the animal suffered such bad internal bleeding that it had to be put down.

Lace added: "A lot of people don't like rats, but it is no excuse for harming. I can understand people not wanting them in their homes. But you can use humane traps and set them free in the country without any harm."

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