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Poll: Worst excuses for not having a TV licence

There is a small number of people who don't pay for a licence when they are watching live television (just 5% of the population). The excuses given to TV Licensing's enquiry officers range from genuine forgetfulness to the downright bizarre.

With the top excuses of the last 12 months being released next week, TV Licensing has teamed up with the Belfast Telegraph online to ask readers to vote on which of the excuses given in the last five years by TV Licence evaders are the most bizarre.

Please vote from the collection below and results will be released on Tuesday 20th September along with the 2011 top excuses.

2010: No deal -"I’ve got no licence because when I called TV Licensing they refused to barter with me. Everything should be up for negotiation."

2009: Feathered friends - “A pigeon fell down the chimney and broke the aerial so I have bad reception.”

2008: Downright Bizarre - “I only use the TV to keep the horses company.”

2007: Blaming the wife’s beauty regime - “My wife has her hair done twice a week and so we find it difficult to pay.”

2006: Domestic difficulty - “You'll have to excuse me but I can’t think straight, my girlfriend has hit me on the head with a hammer, but I thoroughly deserved it.”

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