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Poorly pup Logan to travel to England for lifesaving op


Surgery: Logan the puppy

Surgery: Logan the puppy

Surgery: Logan the puppy

A Cavalier puppy who is in desperate need of heart surgery is having to travel to England for his lifesaving treatment.

Logan, a six-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was diagnosed with canine Pulmonic Stenosis (PS) when he was surrendered to the Cavaliers in Need rescue centre by a breeder.

PS is a genetic defect that means that his heart cannot pump enough blood to his lungs to allow him to breathe properly. He would have been born with the defect, and it means that unlike other puppies, he cannot run around and play.

The tiny puppy needs to travel to Solihull, West Midlands, for the lifesaving surgery as his own canine cardiologist in Northern Ireland is recovering from a heart transplant.

His surgery is expected to cost £3,200, not including the regular scans he will need afterwards that cost £250 each. Without the surgery this loving little boy could pass away before his first birthday.

Logan will have a balloon valvuloplasty, a procedure where a small balloon is put into the opening of the heart valve and then inflated to stretch it open, allowing the heart to beat properly.

Cath Southwell, a trustee of Cavaliers in Need rescue, is currently fostering little Logan; she said they have raised £1,900 so far and are on a final push to secure the rest of the sum they need.

"He's so sweet and affectionate. To look at him you wouldn't think there was anything wrong but you can feel how hard his little heart is working," she said. "He plays like a normal puppy but we do have to make him rest. He's currently on beta blockers in preparation for the surgery and will remain on these for at least six months after. His condition needs to be monitored by annual scans as there is a possibility that the valves will narrow again and the surgery would need to be repeated.

"We have currently raised about £1,900 for him, and will travel to Solihull on October 29, then his operation will be on November 1."

To raise more money for his operation, Cavaliers in Need will be holding a Celebration Walk in Lurgan Park on Sunday. People are invited to bring their dogs to the park for a team walk from 2-5pm. Logan has also been doing his bit to raise money for his heart operation, including meeting people in Belfast city centre in his doggy buggy with foster mum Cath and other dogs who are up for adoption from Cavaliers in Need.

People who want to contribute to Logan's surgery can donate via My Donate or PayPal to cavaliersinneed@gmail.com.

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