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Poppy's letter to her late husband Kyle McDonald


Kyle and Poppy McDonald on holiday with their children, Darcey and Rory

Kyle and Poppy McDonald on holiday with their children, Darcey and Rory

Kyle and Poppy McDonald on holiday with their children, Darcey and Rory

Dear Kyle,

I can't believe I am writing this for you and this has happened to our happy, happy life.

The messages of support and praise from your patients and colleagues are not a surprise to me - you loved your job, you always tried your best for each patient and you treated them all as if they were a member of your family.

Your colleagues knew you were always keen to help and you really were excited about changing and improving spinal care in Northern Ireland. I was always amazed by the ideas you would chat to me about while watching TV - you have done and would have done so many more innovative developments.

Your friends remember you fondly as straight talking but someone that would do anything to help them. They have been a huge help to me already and I know you would be so grateful for that.

Your parents and sisters I know are devastated and the loss will be too much. But they will see you in our children and I hope that will help them in the future.

But the main part of you, that only one I truly know, was your phenomenal role as a husband and father to our wee children. I know you loved us more than anything in the world. You were never happier than when you were doing crafts or gardening with Darcey or playing marbles and the toot toots with Rory.

We together have instilled in them a kind, ambitious, funny, life loving attitude and I don't know how, but I will make sure to continue that on my own.

You are everywhere in our home and although difficult now I know we will be grateful. Your love and effort into our garden will be a comfort to us as we play in it and remember you. They both are floored by what has happened but I promise you I will make sure they have the happiness and life we planned for them. I took them out today on the trip we had planned - and you'll be glad to know even though it was so painful for me they played as normal,from the outside at least, and I was so glad of that and I know you would be too.

The four pugs are miserable without you for their walks and even Floppy bunny is looking for you.

I haven't talked about how I feel as I know you know. You would have known what this would have done to me, but you know I will do all I can for our children to make sure they have all the happiness you wanted for them - I promise you that.

I know you are here to help me through this forever as you have done so many times already, as I repeatedly just think what would Kyle say and do ... I have no way to finish this as it will never be over for me - so see you later love you.


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