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Portrush facelift plans hampered by developers

Uncooperative developers are hampering council plans to clean up Portrush ahead of the Irish Open.

Among efforts to spruce up local facades, which follow Environment Minster Alex Attwood’s funding boost of £405,000 to demolish half-built and derelict eyesores - including the demolition of the Metropole - Mr Atwood admitted the scheme has run into difficulties elsewhere.

The minister said good progress had been made, but added: "It might be the case that one or two projects may not proceed - not because of an unwillingness on the part of the Council or DOE, but due to a failure to co-operate from landowners."

The council identified eight derelict sites in Portrush in need of attention, including the scrapping of demolition plans at a half finished apartment block just a few yards from Royal Portrush's 18 tee, and the feared plans to operate a car park at a town centre site earmarked by the council for building a public seating area.

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