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Portrush man claimed to be killer and said he'd molest girl, court is told

Accused: Christopher McCrory
Accused: Christopher McCrory

By Staff Reporter

A Portrush man allegedly told a woman: "I didn't steal your daughter's bike - I'm not a bike thief, I'm a murderer."

Christopher McCrory (32), of Glendun Close, is also accused of making a crude threat that he would sexually assault the woman's daughter, adding: "You better not tell anybody."

The allegations were outlined at Coleraine Magistrates' Court, where the defendant, who has over 130 convictions, was refused bail on charges of harassment and common assault.

A police officer who opposed bail said the woman said she was standing smoking at her front door when McCrory approached her.

The court heard McCrory also allegedly called her a "tout" and said she should "get out of here before something serious happens". The officer said the alleged injured party was "terrified" of McCrory.

The court was told that after the alleged incidents the defendant had been released on bail with a condition not to have any contact with the woman, but on February 3 he was accused of standing across the street making "hand gestures" and shouting at her, leaving her "shaken and distressed".

The court heard McCrory denied the allegations and said it was "all lies". The court was also told that a sergeant heard McCrory on the phone in a police station on February 3 asking someone to go to the woman's house and "sort it out" and that he was "not going to jail for her".

A defence solicitor said the allegation of assault was only made several weeks after the event and there was no evidence of any injury.

Refusing bail, Deputy District Judge Peter Magill said the evidence from the alleged injured party was that McCrory was "continuing a campaign of intimidation".

The judge said it was believed the defendant was trying to get the woman to withdraw a statement, and added: "If proven, that cuts to the very foundation of the legal system."

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