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Postie Gary Doyle stole cash from mail to spend on stag weekend

By Nevin Farrell

This is the former postman who stole money from cards in the mail to spend on a stag weekend.

Gary Doyle, who had already lost his job, was yesterday ordered to carry out 100 hours of community work.

Doyle, of Clarkes Crescent in Gulladuff, pleaded guilty to six counts of theft as an employee and six counts of interfering with post. The Royal Mail suspected him of thieving and instigated a sting operation by placing cash in letters being handled by the defendant. Checks at the homes of the recipients showed the money was missing.

The 12 charges were all dated July 8, 2015 and involved the theft of banknotes ranging from £5 to £20, with a total amount of £65.

At Magherafelt Magistrates' Court yesterday Doyle was also put on probation for a year with a condition that he seeks addiction counselling and participates in the 'Thinking Skills' programme.

A prosecutor said the case involved 12 charges which arose in July last year when there was a suspicion Doyle had interfered with a greeting card. The Royal Mail then placed amounts of money in cards, and some had money stolen.

Doyle admitted opening the letters and stealing cash from the "odd one" before he licked and resealed them.

He admitted stealing cash ranging from £5 to £20 with a total amount of £65, but that he may have taken more money due to wanting cash to attend a stag weekend.

Defence lawyer Eoghan Devlin handed in references and a medical report to court and said the amount of money taken was not what made it serious, but the fact it was a "serious breach of trust" by a "public servant".

He said his client had "dependency" and health issues which had a direct bearing on him at the time of the offences.

Mr Devlin said Doyle previously had an exemplary record in 17 years as a postman and had been an "extremely well thought-of, trustworthy man".

The barrister said that when confronted the defendant "held his hands up straight away".

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