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Pothole record a disgrace: McCarthy

By Bob Malcolm

Two Alliance Party election candidates have respectively “slammed” and “welcomed” separate Roads Service decisions in North Down.

Alliance Assembly candidate Kieran McCarthy hit out at the Roads Service for their “appalling” and “disgraceful” record in relation to potholes on road surfaces up and down North Down and the rest of the country.

Alderman McCarthy said he was highlighting a newspaper report that stated the Department of Regional Development had to pay out nearly £500,000 during the past two years to motorists who damaged their vehicles because of serious potholes on the road.

“It is a total disgrace when people are paying their road tax — from April 2010 to April 2011 – that 2,280 claims for damage due to potholes were submitted to the department and only 723 claims got paid out totalling £111,600.”

He said 1,557 motorists were left to pay for damage themselves, that was caused by the potholes.

“If the department were doing their job right this should not happen and people could drive safely along all our roads,” he added.

Meanwhile, Alliance council candidate Andrew Muir has welcomed DRD plans to resurface Brook Street in Holywood.

He said he recently lobbied the Roads Service to take action in relation to Brook Street after succeeding in persuading the body to resurface Demense Road in the town.

Candidate Muir said: “Brook Street is currently in a terrible state of disrepair after the cold winter experienced in late 2010 with numerous potholes posing a threat to motorists and cyclists alike.

“After lobbying the Roads Service for action I am very grateful to learn that Brook Street has been added to the resurfacing programme for 2011 / 2012.”

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