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Poultry giant Moy Park raises new issues about RHI

By Cate McCurry

Northern Ireland's biggest poultry firm has met with two Executive departments over the botched Renewable Heat Incentive in which it raised "new concerns" about the scheme.

Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir said yesterday that his officials had been briefed by Moy Park, adding that the meeting raised "further issues".

Moy Park, which also met officials from the Department of the Economy, has benefited from the grants scheme.

It is one of hundreds of poultry companies across Northern Ireland that are claimants of the green energy initiative. Poultry farmers use the wood chip boilers to heat the buildings where chicks are housed.

Mr O Muilleoir released a statement saying that his officials met with the poultry giant two days ago.

"Moy Park briefed my officials in relation to new concerns over the RHI scheme. That briefing has raised further issues," he said.

"The operation of this scheme has been botched. I can assure the public that I will not accept a botched solution.

"My officials have continued to examine the operation of the scheme."

In a statement, Moy Park said: "The purpose of the meetings was to offer insight and suggestions based on Moy Park's experience of benchmarked energy use in poultry farming in GB and NI.

"Many of our contracted family-owned farms are participants within the NI RHI scheme and, as advocates of the responsible use of heat, we felt our experience could be relevant and useful in the development of a solution to secure the NI RHI scheme within budget."

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