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Prank callers target Northern Ireland councillors- one representative sent three deliveries of food and alcohol


Councillors in Derry and Strabane targeted by pranksters.

Councillors in Derry and Strabane targeted by pranksters.

Councillors in Derry and Strabane targeted by pranksters.

A number of Northern Ireland councillors have been targeted by pranksters over the weekend, with one local representative being sent deliveries he did not order.

The Derry Journal reports several councillors on Derry City & Strabane District Council received prank calls in the early hours of the morning over the weekend.

The newspaper reports a number of Sinn Fein, SDLP, DUP and Independent councillors are now considering contacting the police if the pranks do not stop.

In some instances, the caller claimed to be another sitting councillor, who has himself been targeted.

SDLP Strabane councillor Jason Barr said he was called at 5.45am on Saturday and twice on Sunday by a man claiming to be another councillor.

The caller is said to have rambled on about RHI and a meeting in Area 51- the classified United States Air Force facility the subject of conspiracy theories about aliens.

The councillor said people could be heard laughing in the background.

Mr Barr said he has also received three deliveries of alcohol and a takeaway he did not order on Sunday. With the prank callers using three different taxi firms to send the items. The prankster then called back later to ask if he enjoyed the food and drink.

“He speaks and rambles away. It’s a bit of a nuisance and if it happens again we will have to look at it," Mr Barr said.

“I would urge whoever is behind it to stop as they are wasting their own time.”

Independent councillor Sean Carr, who works in the undertaking business, said he believed he was getting a call about someone passing away, a frequent occurrence in his occupation.

Sinn Fein council group leader Sandra Duffy urged those behind the pranks to stop.

“Our phone numbers are in the public domain for constituency services and to help people in their hour of need, many times at unsociable hours," she said.

“We don’t want a scenario where Councillors’ phone numbers would have to be removed or withdrawn from the public domain. I would appeal to this individual to show a bit of common sense and stop this carry on.

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