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Pray for Josh again - Martin family's plea as cancer returns to teen whose brave battle captured hearts around the world


Josh Martin (second from right) with mum Kim, brother David and dad Tim on holiday in July

Josh Martin (second from right) with mum Kim, brother David and dad Tim on holiday in July

Josh at beginning of the campaign

Josh at beginning of the campaign

Josh Martin (second from right) with mum Kim, brother David and dad Tim on holiday in July

The mother of a miracle teenager who captured thousands of people's hearts as he battled and recovered from cancer has revealed that the disease has returned.

Almost a year after Co Down schoolboy Joshua Martin was given the all clear, recent scans have revealed a number of cancerous tumours.

His mum Kim (45) appealed for prayers in the hope of another miracle for Josh and her family, after she revealed the heartbreaking news on her social media page.

She said the 15-year-old will start his cancer treatment again in the coming weeks.

It will be a devastating blow to the family after medics gave Josh and his parents the news last October that they, and thousands of people around the world, had been praying for - that his tumours were gone and he was cancer free.

The Donaghadee boy was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve 2014 after he was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis.

Doctors found aggressive tumours in his abdomen and the teenager came perilously close to death as he underwent months of invasive surgery and chemotherapy.

Despite the diagnosis that some of the tumours were inoperable, Kim and her husband Tim, who are devout Christians, believed he could be cured.

Bangor Elim Church, where Tim is a pastor, started the #PrayforJosh campaign which gained support from all over the world including celebrities such as champion golfers Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia and broadcaster Piers Morgan.

But yesterday, Kim posted on Facebook the dreaded news that the cancer had returned.

"It's almost a year since Joshua received the incredible news that there was no evidence of disease," she wrote.

"It's been an amazing year and we have thanked God every day for answering everyone's prayers in such a miraculous way.

"We wanted to let you know that recent scans have shown a number of small cancerous tumours.

"And so we are asking you to pray for Josh again.

"We have seen how God healed Joshua and we are confident that He will do it again.

"God is good in all circumstances and we believe that Jesus has already paid the price for Joshua at the cross.

"Joshua will start treatment in the next couple of weeks and we would value your prayers, not only for another miracle but that God would abundantly bless Joshua and our family.

"The family are planning on putting any further updates out via Bangor Elim Facebook page."

Hundreds of people responded to the post and said they would pray for Josh's recovery.

Last November, Josh appeared in front of hundreds of people at Elim Pentecostal Church in Bangor to thank them for their prayers which he said saved his life.

The Martin family also took the opportunity to thank the medics who helped them and a number of nurses who attended the prayer event.

At the time, Kim said: "I don't think they have any idea what their prayers and texts and emails meant to us, at a time when Joshua was facing a very bleak diagnosis."

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