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Pregnant teenager struck with bottle

A pregnant teenager has been left traumatised after being hit by a bottle in a suspected sectarian attack.

Alexis Curry (19), who is is five months’ pregnant, was hit on the back by the bottle as she made her way home from her sister's house in the Fountain area of Londonderry on Tuesday night.

It was thrown from the mainly nationalist Bennett Street area.

Ms Curry said the attack was unprovoked, adding: “There's a red mark on my back where the bottle hit me on the spine.

“It came over the interface wall into the Fountain and I was left scared; it was as if they were waiting for me.

“It's awful to think you can't walk in your own estate without coming under attack.”

Community leader Jeanette Warke said those responsible need to stop and think about the |consequences of their actions.

The incident was also condemned by SDLP councillor Sean Carr who called it “'alarming and totally contemptible”.

Police have appealed for information from anyone who was in the area at the time.

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