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Pregnant terrier left in sealed basket leading to the death of eight puppies


Eight newborn puppies have died after their mother was left for dead on waste ground in Armagh in a laundry basket weighed down with a brick.

The helpless, heavily pregnant animal was discovered abandoned on August 17 by a member of the public out walking his dog.

Six of the eight pups, delivered in the confined space on waste ground near the Mullacreevie estate, died before they could be rescued and the remaining two died a few days ago.

Sinn Fein councillor Roy McCartney said those behind the shocking incident involving a brown terrier should be "ashamed of themselves".

He branded the culprits responsible as having a "sadistic mindset" and urged the public to report anything they know to Armagh council.

Mr McCartney said: "Unwanted dogs are one thing, but to dump a pregnant dog about to give birth in this way knowing that it would in all likelihood lead to the death of the pups as well as putting the life of the mother at risk just shows a sadistic mindset and those responsible should not be allowed to keep animals.

"Thankfully, the wee dog has since been rehomed, but the surviving two pups died over the weekend."

Last night David Wilson of the USPCA told the Belfast Telegraph that he was horrified by what had happened and hopes those responsible are prosecuted.

"What can you say?" Mr Wilson said.

"The people who do this sort of thing, I cannot understand their mentality.

"They are condemning the bitch to suffering and anguish and the pups to death.

"People like that should be brought before the court," he added.

"Someone must know who did it, so I would like anyone with information to contact the animal welfare officer at Armagh council, the PSNI or Crimestoppers."

Mr McCartney expressed his gratitude to the good Samaritan who rescued the bitch and the council's environmental health department and dog pound staff who responded to his requests for assistance.

"I would like to voice sincere thanks to the decent-minded member of the community who brought this to my attention and helped me bring the dog and her pups to the pound," he added.

"He could quite easily have walked on and ignored the situation, but as a dog lover himself decided to act.

"If anyone recognises this dog and knows who could be responsible for this unacceptable behaviour, I would urge them to contact the relevant council department on 028 3752 9623."

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