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Presenter is no John Travolta, but he cut real dash in that get-up

By Maureen Coleman

When Eamonn Holmes woke up yesterday and slipped on a white suit to co-host This Morning, he probably had no idea his sartorial choice would become the subject of national debate.

The eye-catching Daz-white two-piece, which he teamed with a blue open-neck shirt, divided opinions on Twitter, with some praising the Belfast man for his dapper sense of style, while others compared him to an ice cream man or even a pimp.

So was his outfit a white fright or a bit of all right?

I may be in the minority here, but I thought he looked rather debonair. And more to the point, he looked cool. Not "hipster" cool, obviously. He just didn't appear hot, in that uncomfortable, sweaty, crimson-faced way many middle-aged men tend to look in the summer.

Dressing for work in the sweltering heat can be a nightmare for women, but I'm guessing it must present men with an even greater headache. How do you look professional without looking power-boiled?

Women can wear short dresses, maxis, palazzo pants and culottes, but for men, the choice is much more restricted.

Poor Eamonn no doubt thought he could beat the heat in his whiter-than-white suit, not expecting to face a barrage of insults. Even his wife Ruth joined in the teasing, reading out some of the less flattering remarks that viewers had posted on Twitter.

But the 55-year-old had stylist Gok Wan on his side, who said: "I like it. I think everyone should leave him alone. He looks dashing!" And Gok's a man who knows a thing or two about fashion.

Eamonn's also lost a fair bit of weight recently, and while white can be a difficult colour to carry off, I thought he wore it well.

He's not the first man to strike a pose in a white suit, of course. Former BBC correspondent and independent politician Martin Bell become synonymous with wearing white while John Travolta rocked a flared white number in the film Saturday Night Fever. Eamonn may not possess the slick moves or cool status of Travolta's Tony Manero, but he rocked his white suit in his own unique style.

And let's face it, he's a lot better dressed than some of the "taps aff" eyesores running around Belfast this summer.

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