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Price to use 1981 pardon in terrorism charge fight

Veteran republican Marian Price will attempt to use a pardon she received 30 years ago to have a new charge linked to the murders of two British soldiers thrown out, a court heard.

A lawyer for the 57-year-old said a copy of it has not yet been obtained despite a written request to the Northern Ireland Office.

Price, also known by her married name of Marian McGlinchey, has been charged with providing property, namely a mobile phone, for the purposes of terrorism.

The allegation is related to the assassination of Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey at Massereene barracks in Antrim in March 2009.

The soldiers were gunned down outside their base as they collected a pizza delivery.

Two men are due to stand trial accused of their murders later this year.

Price is to mount an abuse of process application in a bid to have the case against her dismissed.

It is claimed the decision to charge her was linked to a planned challenge to a decision by the Secretary of State to revoke her previous release from prison.

Price is currently being held in the hospital wing of Maghaberry Prison.

She did not appear for yesterday's hearing at Belfast Magistrates Court which was to fix a date for the abuse of process application and committal proceedings.

Her solicitor Peter Corrigan told the court: “As part of that application we had written to the NIO seeking a copy of the actual pardon that was conferred on the defendant in 1981.

“To this date the NIO still have not served that important document on us, and it is central to us making an abuse of process application.”

The defence case is that terms of the pardon covered all of the offences for which Price was convicted in 1974, Mr Corrigan added.

Her lawyers are understood to be seeking to establish there was no power for the licence to be revoked.

The judge stressed that anything required to mount the argument should be provided by the authorities.

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