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Primate Archbishop Richard Clarke slams 'political paralysis'

By Alf McCreary

A Church leader has claimed that there is a political paralysis in Northern Ireland, and challenged politicians here to say what they want to hand on to future generations.

Church of Ireland Primate Archbishop Richard Clarke told the annual General Synod in Dublin yesterday: "I ask those who are entrusted with political leadership to tell us what they wish to offer and to give to the future to our children and grandchildren.

"It cannot simply be 'more of the same' that we wish to offer future generations. There is a continuing political paralysis in Northern Ireland, as well as a culture of entitlement for those in the Republic who already have plenty, and an austerity which assaults the poor more than the wealthy in both our jurisdictions.

"This cannot be a political vision that truly seeks to give to the future."

The Archbishop also said that the culture of modern society has turned human life into a commodity.

"As Christians we must never concede that life is nothing other than sacred, a gift of God from beginning to end, and never to be thrown away as if it were personal property."

He said that the hospice movement was not being given proper state funding.

Around 200 delegates from all over Ireland are attending the annual meeting of the General Synod, the Church's law-making body.

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