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Prime Minister Theresa May 'not meeting local parties' on Northern Ireland visit: Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Fein leader says 'remain voices being ignored'

Sinn Fein has said Prime Minister Theresa May will not be meeting with local parties during her visit to Northern Ireland.

The prime minister is planning to visit Northern Ireland as part of a tour around the UK to mark one year since the triggering of article 50 and one year before the UK departs the EU.

However, Sinn Fein claims she will not meet any local party leaders when in Northern Ireland.

“This is no surprise given the majority of Assembly members are pro-remain and support staying within the customs union and single market," said MLA Michelle O'Neill.

“These are the voices that Theresa May continues to ignore as she and the DUP show blatant contempt for the cross-community majority here who voted to remain.

“Theresa May’s government clearly are not interested in the concerns and interests of people here. Otherwise, they would not be imposing a reckless Brexit and austerity agenda on them while also enabling the DUP’s denial of rights to citizens.”

Number 10 has been approached for comment.

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