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Prime Minister Theresa May says Brexit plan will deliver 'brighter future for all' on Northern Ireland visit

By Gareth Cross

Prime Minister Theresa May told a Belfast audience it was "now for the EU to respond" to her Government's Brexit white paper which she claimed will deliver a "brighter future" for all of the UK.

The Prime Minister was speaking at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on day two of her visit to Northern Ireland.

Mrs May said the white paper set out a "principled and practical" Brexit.

She said the white paper represented a "significant development" of the UK's position.

"It is now for the EU to respond, not simply to fall back on previous positions that have already been proven unworkable, but to evolve their position in kind," she added.

"I firmly believe that we can complete what we have started."

The Prime Minister also reiterated her commitment that there would be no hard border in Ireland.

"In the Northern Ireland of today, where a seamless border enables unprecedented levels of trade and co-operation North and South, any form of infrastructure at the border is an alien concept," she said.

"The seamless border is a foundation stone on which the Belfast Agreement rests, allowing for the just and equal treatment for the identity, ethos and aspirations of both communities.

"Anything that undermines that is a breach of the spirit of the Belfast Agreement - an agreement that we have committed to protect in all its parts and the EU says it will respect."

How her keynote address unfolded:

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