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Prince Harry leaves young fan in spin in London park

By Tony Jones

Prince Harry left a little boy giddy with delight by giving him a royal spin.

The playful antics came as Harry visited an east London park to join children taking part in a session of the Fit And Fed campaign, which gives youngsters in the borough of Newham free sporting activities and lunch throughout the summer holidays.

The Prince took a shine to six-year-old Kavya Patel after the youngster burst into tears when he was unable to get the ball during a game of handball.

Harry had been watching from the sidelines at Central Park in East Ham but quickly gave the little boy a friendly rub on the head and then swung him around to cheer him up.

After earlier declining to join in with a game of football, telling one of the coaches that he was not wearing boots, the Prince happily joined in the handball game.

Kavya said of the royal visitor: "Prince Harry loves to play."

The six-year-old said he got upset after failing to get the ball during the game, but he enjoyed being swung around by Harry as a consolation.

He said with a laugh: "It was exciting. I was flying around, then I felt dizzy."

When Harry first arrived he watched children playing a game of football and after standing on the sidelines for a few minutes chatted to one of the volunteer coaches, Paul Nathaniel.

Mr Nathaniel said: "I asked him if he wanted to get involved and he said he didn't have his boots.

"I said didn't he get the email and there was a bit of banter around that, but he said he was more of a rugby guy.

"He said the project was really good for the community and he loved it and he hoped it had a legacy."

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