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Prisoner is given more jail time for hijacking at knifepoint

By Michael Donnelly

A convicted car thief who is already in jail for aggravated vehicle taking has been jailed again, this time for hijacking a car at knifepoint from a young woman.

Belfast Deputy Recorder Judge Corrine Philpott QC told 33-year-old William Evans, that instead of being freed in March 2016, he will be serving a further 18 months in jail, followed by the same period on supervised licensed parole. The Crown Court judge told Evans, who has over 80 previous criminal convictions and whose address was given as Maghaberry Prison, that while it was clear he had a difficult and disjointed life, he could not go about behaving in this way no matter how depressed or under pressure he felt. Judge Philpott said that Evans, who admitted the hijacking and related offences, had added insult to injury by having his victim give evidence because of his denials of having a knife at the time.

Evans lawyer said his client made no secret of the fact he needed monies to pay off a drug debt.

Prosecutor Philip Henry said that Evans was captured on camera hijacking the BMW from a Belfast city centre car park on August 1 last year.

The owner had just returned to her car from a gym and was paying at a parking meter when she became aware of someone close by her.

Mr Henry said the woman felt as if her space was being invaded but as she put out her arm, she felt a knife at the side of her neck and initially thought she was about to be robbed.

Instead she was pushed to the ground and Evans then pulled her car key from a bunch she was clutching in her hand. Two men who came to her aid after hearing her screams were forced to retreat on seeing the knife.

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