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Probation for man (34) over theft of his electronic tag

By Alan Erwin

A Belfast man who "stole" an electronic tag attached to him has no idea how it vanished, a court has heard.

Stephen Brown was given 12 months probation after being convicted of theft of the monitoring device.

The 34-year-old, of Wheatfield Crescent in the city, was also ordered to pay £176.50 in compensation.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard police were informed in April that it was missing by a security company monitoring the tag put on Brown for undisclosed reasons.

Officers arrested him on suspicion of theft when they noticed the device was missing.

Defence counsel Luke Curran said his client had been out socialising while on significant levels of medication.

"He accepts the tag was his responsibility and on his watch its whereabouts has gone," the barrister said.

Pressed by District Judge Fiona Bagnall, Mr Curran confirmed Brown doesn't know what happened to the equipment.

"It was attached to him when he went out of the house... and it wasn't there the next morning," he added.

Judge Bagnall questioned the extent to which the defendant had been "comatose" to have no memory.

She was told that although Brown suspected his drink may have been spiked, his level of medication may have been enough for the apparent blackout.

Probation and compensation were imposed based on the defendant's limited record.

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