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Probe as pet cats found poisoned

By Rebecca Black

Four pet cats from one cul de sac have been found dead after they were poisoned.

The PSNI has launched an investigation into the incident which centres around one street in Ballyclare.

The cats all died in Henryville Manor on March 18.

Local vets have confirmed the pets died from a substance called Alpha-Chlorose. A spokesperson for the PSNI said the deaths are under investigation.

They said it is possible that the deaths were accidental, as the substance is sometimes used for pest control.

Police officers have appealed for anyone with more information to contact them. Founder and manager of Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary Lyn Friel said the incident sounded like a tragic accident.

She advised householders to warn their neighbours when putting down pest control measures.

"It's very possible this is something that has been put down for vermin control," she said.

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