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Probe into man's custody cell death

A police watchdog has pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the death of a man in a custody cell.

David McGowan, 28, died at Lisburn police station in the early hours.

Mr McGowan, who was from Lisburn, had been arrested after police were called to an incident on the Beersbridge Road in east Belfast last night.

Independent complaints body the Police Ombudsman was contacted at 2am to be informed of the death.

A spokesman for the ombudsman's office said: "In line with normal procedure we immediately launched an independent and impartial investigation into the circumstances of the death."

Ombudsman investigators attended the station and conducted an examination of the scene.

Later today they will speak to witnesses to the original incident in which the man was arrested, as well as investigating the actions of the police following the arrest up to the point at which the man was discovered in the police cell.

The spokesman added: "The Office will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the death, and will release a report once the investigation is complete."


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