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Probe into man’s ‘threat to barrister’

A judge is to investigate claims that the husband of a woman involved in a High Court case squared up to a barrister outside court and offered to fight him.

Mr Justice Treacy said that the allegations, if true, amounted to serious contempt of court and could lead to criminal proceedings.

The alleged confrontation happened during a case over a right of way in Co Down. Michael Humphreys, counsel for one of the defendants in the case, has now alleged that he was approached by her husband, William Young, outside the court.

Asked by the judge if he had acted as alleged, Mr Young said he thought the lawyer had squared up to him.

Mr Justice Treacy told him: “At the minute there is one version from the barrister concerned, and what you are telling me now.

“If what the barrister says is correct that would amount to serious contempt of court and also the criminal offence of assault.”

The judge agreed to give Mr Young until next week to consult with lawyers before deciding how to deal with the allegations.

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