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Probe urged after abuse of band parade

Hate concerns: Alan Lewis
Hate concerns: Alan Lewis

By Staff Reporter

An outraged unionist councillor has asked the PSNI to investigate after pro-IRA slogans were shouted at a band parade in Co Down.

A video uploaded to Twitter showed abuse being shouted at participants in the Maghera Star of Down flute band parade in the seaside town of Newcastle on Saturday night.

Among the litany of sectarian abuse hurled at the bandsmen were "Up the f***ing Provos" and "Up the 'Ra".

The heckler also called out "You f***ing black b******s" and chanted "the I, the I, the IRA".

Ulster Unionist councillor Alan Lewis described the person as "a moron", adding: "A mindless, bigoted individual can be heard shouting sectarian abuse at passing bands.

"We are acutely conscious of the ongoing campaign of hate directed toward loyalist bands; this further demonstrates that there are some within society who do not want to see a Protestant about the place.

"I'm sorry to disappoint, but the Star of Down flute band, their supporters and the wider Protestant community of south Down aren't going anywhere!

"We have a right to proudly and respectfully display our culture."

The Slieve Croob councillor said he'd asked for an urgent meeting with the PSNI, and is calling for the individual responsible to be prosecuted for "his sectarian tirade".

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