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Profile: Mick Wallace the former football manager who kicked off row

By David Young

The man who lit the fuse that detonated an investigation into the sale of Nama's northern Ireland portfolio is a 59-year-old independent TD for Wexford who entered national Irish politics in 2011.

A graduate of UCD, Mr Wallace had been a property developer and a football manager before entering political life.

He cuts an unorthodox figure on the Leinster House benches, his straggling blond locks and crumpled shirts contrasting with the sleek suits of mainstream Dail TDs.

No stranger to controversy, Mr Wallace has been an outspoken critic of Irish Government policy on topics as various as austerity, abortion, prostitution and discrimination against women.

In 2012, it was reported that he had made a seven-figure settlement with the Irish Revenue for under-payment of VAT. The sum related to his company MJ Wallace Ltd.

The TD admitted to the Irish Times that he had knowingly made false declarations to the authorities.

But it was his bombshell allegation in the Dail in July that £7m from the sale of the Northern Ireland property portfolio of the National Assets Management Agency (Nama) had been earmarked for a Northern Ireland politician that made him a household name north of the border.

Mr Wallace has never named the politician he was convinced was the recipient of the money - but the allegation was enough to set off a explosive chain of investigations into the operations of Nama and its legal advisors - probes which now involve both the Northern Ireland Assembly and the UK's National Crime Agency.

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