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Pro-life group to hold silent protest against abortion legislation at Stormont

NI Voiceless are set to hold a silent protest at Stormont
NI Voiceless are set to hold a silent protest at Stormont
Gareth Cross

By Gareth Cross

A pro-life group is set to hold a silent protest at Stormont next month against the decision from Westminster to introduce abortion legislation in Northern Ireland.

"NI Voiceless" was set up after Parliament voted in July to force the Government to liberalise access to abortion and allow same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland if devolution is not restored by October 21.

Currently terminations are only allowed in cases where a woman’s life is at risk or if there is a danger of permanent and serious damage to her mental or physical health.

The group are holding their protest at the Stormont Estate on Friday, September 6 at 7pm and are asking attendees to wear black or dark colours and carry a mobile phone or other electric light.

They are asking people not to bring any banners, slogans or flyers along to the event.

Attendees are asked to gather at the lower gates of Stormont at 7pm where the group will walk silently and slowly to the steps of Parliament buildings.

They will then stand in silence with heads bowed and lights held up for six minutes, one for each county in Northern Ireland.

NI Voiceless are calling for people of all ages, religious backgrounds and political persuasions to join in their protest.

The group said they wanted to carry out their protest in "silent dignity" and stressed that they are "not coordinated by any organisation nor campaign group".

They said the "event has been planned by concerned citizens of Northern Ireland who wish to express our deep dissatisfaction with this intended change in law".

NI Voiceless spokesperson Sarah Crutchley.
NI Voiceless spokesperson Sarah Crutchley.

Spokesperson for NI Voiceless Sarah Crutchley said the proposed legislation change had inspired her to become an activist.

"I've never protested in public about anything, but when it is a matter of life and death I can't sit still and do nothing," she said.

"The decisions made in Westminster mean that, if nothing changes by October 21, Northern Ireland will go from a place where every life is protected and valued to a place where unborn children have no right to life for at least the first 24 weeks of pregnancy."

Ms Crutchley encouraged people to come out and support the protest.

"Our silence will say two things, that first we the people of Northern Ireland were not asked about this change in legislation and that it goes against the public opinion here and the votes of our elected representatives. And secondly, that the unborn children cannot speak they have no voice and they were not considered in this legislation."

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