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Proposed banning of legal highs welcomed by DUP

By Steven Alexander

New laws that would introduce a blanket ban on so-called legal highs have been welcomed by the DUP.

A Psychoactive Substances Bill announced in the Queen's Speech yesterday is expected to ban all substances capable of producing a psychoactive effect, apart from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, food and medicinal products.

Only substances expressly permitted will escape the ban - similar to the system in operation in the Republic since 2010. Under existing laws, a committee of experts has to declare a drug harmful before it can be banned. But manufacturers get around this by altering the drug's chemical make-up to create a new substance.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson said: "I look forward to examining in more detail the proposals on psychoactive substances that will be brought forward by the Government. However the commitment to legislate provides us with the opportunity to take action and help prevent some of the damage done by these drugs."

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