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Prosecute parents of rioting children, urges DUP peer Lord Morrow

By Staff Reporter

A DUP peer has called for parents of youngsters caught rioting and engaging in anti-social behaviour to be held accountable for the actions of their children.

Lord Morrow MLA was speaking after reports children as young as 12 were found to be involved in rioting in Belfast, and urged Northern Ireland's Children's Commissioner to take action to address the issue.

He said: "There is an active role for the NI Commissioner for Children & Young People in this matter.

"Children are in situations of unacceptable risk and that is being permitted to continue."

He added: "Where are our child protection laws and why are they not being enforced?

"I am not aware of a parent or guardian prosecuted for neglect by permitting a child to engage in criminal activity, and thereby placed in extreme danger.

"It is time parents of these children stand up and accept responsibility and keep them well away from any potential danger."

Children from both sides of the sectarian divide have been involved in rioting this year.

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