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Prosecutors consider band's remarks

Police are to formally ask prosecutors to decide whether to press charges against a band whose singer bluntly urged British soldiers and their "Orange comrades" to get out of Ireland.

Officers received a number of complaints about the videoed remarks, which were interspersed with expletives, that were made during a performance by Kildare-based "rebel band" The Druids at the Ardoyne Fleadh in north Belfast last month.

Earlier this week, the PSNI said that they were taking no action.

The decision had been made after taking advice from the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) - an option available to officers to avoid the bureaucracy of officially passing a file to the PPS to make the call.

The police decision not to prosecute has been heavily criticised by unionist politicians.

PSNI chief constable George Hamilton said he was now going to formally pass a file to the PPS to reassure the public about the decision making process.

He said: "Given the public commentary there has been, the public interest there has been, the concern there has been, the commentary yesterday from the director (of public prosecutions Barra McGrory) that the PPS were not presented with a full evidence file, if it helps to maintain or restore any deficit in public confidence in the criminal justice system, in the few hours it will take to translate that material that was provided for a discussion with the PPS into a prosecution file then that's what we will do."


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