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Protestant-Catholic gap narrows as census results revealed

By David Young

The gap between the proportion of Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland has narrowed, new census figures revealed today.

The percentage of Catholics in the population was up to 45 while Protestant representation has fallen to 48% from the 2001 census.

The figures were detailed in the 2011 census, the results of which were published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency today.

Almost half the population (48%) designated themselves as British when asked to select one or more of a number of identities, including Northern Irish or Irish.

A total of 29% of the overall population included Northern Irish as an identity while 28% included Irish.

The 2011 census was the first time a question on national identity was asked.

Of those questioned, 40% said they were British only, with the remaining 8% choosing British along with another one of the identities, such as British and Irish or British and Northern Irish.

A quarter of the population defined themselves as Irish only, while 21% said they were Northern Irish only.

In terms of religion, in the 2001 census 53% of the population was Protestant with 44% Catholic.

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