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Protests against Brexit held along border crossing points

Hundreds of people have taken part in a number of mass demonstrations on the Irish border in opposition to Brexit.

A poster at the Border Communities Against Brexit demonstration
A poster at the Border Communities Against Brexit demonstration
Damian McGenity from Border Communities Against Brexit (Liam McBurney/PA)

By Aine McMahon, PA

The Border Communities Against Brexit Group has staged protests at dozens of border crossing points amid ongoing efforts to reach a Brexit deal.

The protest comes on the eve of a critical European Union summit taking place on Thursday.

Hundreds of local people from both sides of the border came together along 38 of the 200 different border crossings holding candles and posters to indicate their opposition to the uncertainty created by Brexit.

In Londonderry, a number of people banged bin lids where they were protesting along the border between Co Donegal and Co Derry.

A poster at the Border Communities Against Brexit demonstration

The protests took place along a number of crossing points in Co Fermanagh, Co Louth, Co Donegal, Co Fermanagh, Co Cavan and Co Monaghan.

Protesters carried signs with slogans such as “No Boris Border” and “No to Borders in Ireland”.

Group spokesman Damien McGenity, who lives a mile from the border in Co Armagh, said the protest aims to highlight border communities’ opposition to Brexit and any return of a hard border.

“What is happening at Westminster today is giving us cause for concern and too much uncertainty around the border issue remains,” he said.

“Border communities are going to be the collateral damage if there is a no-deal Brexit so we want people living on the northern or southern side to come out and make a stand against any hard border returning.”

Mr McGenity said the group is due to meet EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the Brexit impasse and the impact it is having on people living in border communities.

The chances of a Brexit deal breakthrough received a setback on Wednesday night as it became clear UK and EU differences were likely to prevent any agreement being announced.

Government sources told the PA news agency a deal did not feel imminent, but talks would continue.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to get a deal approved by the EU at the gathering to avert a major political row over asking Brussels to delay Brexit beyond the scheduled October 31 deadline.



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