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Protests extended to delivery centres

By Chris McCullough

Protesting farmers unveiled another tactic last night when they blockaded a distribution centre for one of the major supermarkets.

The under-pressure farmers congregated at the Lidl distribution centre in Antrim planning to block lorries coming or going.

The direct action in Northern Ireland is set to continue as the financial crisis farmers are finding themselves in appears to deepen.

For the past few weeks farmers have been highlighting low milk prices at a range of supermarkets across the country and the rest of the UK.

One of the organisers of the action last night said he wanted to encourage more farmers to get up and join the protest.

"There are too many farmers watching us try to save the industry when they should be helping us rather than criticising us," he said.

Details of the protest were kept secret until the last minute so as not to alert the retailers as to where was being targeted.

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