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PSNI alert after kids spotted near railway line

Police have issued a warning about the fatal dangers of playing near railway lines after a number of children were seen playing near the tracks.

The advice was issued to young people after a train driver and a member of the public reported seeing youngsters on the line at Clipperstown in Carrickfergus on July 4.

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Stephen Reid, said those seen were putting their lives at risk.

“This is such a dangerous thing to do and those involved are putting their lives and the lives of other rail users at risk,” he said.

“The last thing any of us wants to see this summer is a tragedy on our railways when one could be so easily prevented. Young people should heed the very simple safety advice on offer and never, ever play or stray onto the tracks, and stay clear of the station unless you are using the train.”

Frank Moore, a rail line manager with Translink NI Railways, said: “We want to remind everyone to stay safe this summer when using our services or crossings.

“The Class 4000 trains now operating on the Larne line are faster and quieter than previous trains and taking needless risks like using the track as a short cut or trying to beat the barrier can cause serious accidents. All it takes is a split second of lapsed concentration for the worst to happen.”

Translink will be running a campaign over the summer based on the ‘Deadline’ theme which highlights the dangers of crossing the line, whether on the platform or close to tracks.

Mr Reid said he was also urging parents to highlight the rail safety message.

“I am also asking that parents support us in reinforcing this message at home,” he said.

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