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PSNI and Garda join forces in drink-drive crackdown

By Donna Deeney

The PSNI and Garda have joined forces on the border to drive home their Christmas road safety campaign.

They revealed that men under the age of 35 were still not getting the message that it was not all right to drink and drive as new figures showed the majority of people detected over the limit were from this age bracket.

Last year almost 260 people were caught driving over the legal limit during the Christmas period across Northern Ireland - the majority of them were males under 35.

PSNI road policing commander for the western border area, Inspector Stephen Haslett, revealed the startling statistic at the launch of the cross-border drink-driving campaign along with his counterpart Insp Michael Harrison, the Garda traffic corps commander for Co Donegal.

Insp Haslett said the launch was about education and information but also a warning to anyone who thought that if they evaded detection on one side of the border they would still face prosecution if they were caught in the neighbouring jurisdiction.

He said: "During this period from November 27 to January 2 people are out socialising more but unfortunately there are still too many people who think they can go out drinking and then get into their car and drive. The reality is even one drink will impair your ability to drive so the only failsafe why of beating the breathalyser is not to have anything to drink at all.

"We are increasing the number of patrols where we will target drink-driving and we will be working closely with Gardai so if someone manages to evade us there is every likelihood the Guards will be waiting to apprehend them when they cross the border."

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