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PSNI anger over man who verbally abused doctor after he was denied drugs

By Staff Reporter

The PSNI in west Belfast have voiced their disgust over an incident in which a doctor was subjected to a torrent of abuse by a man who appeared to be intoxicated.

The incident took place yesterday afternoon at a health centre on the Whiterock Road.

Children were understood to be present when the confrontation took place.

On the west Belfast PSNI Facebook page an officer wrote: “This male was heavily intoxicated and decided that it would just make his Friday night to begin abusing Belfast Health and Social Care staff.

“All of this was done in front of individuals including children who were either waiting to be seen by the doctor or waiting to pick up prescriptions.

“This male gave a torrent of abuse especially to the doctor who was on duty. A person whose only job is to care for members of the local community including this male if he was to fall ill.

“The male then went further and smashed the windows into the office area of the centre, causing fear and danger to the staff in the office.

“All because he wanted drugs.”

The man was reported to have fled before the PSNI arrived at the scene, but officers arrested him just two streets away from the health centre.

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