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PSNI bottled while dealing with 100 youths at park incident in Ballyclare

The PSNI are appealing for information after officers were bottled while dealing with a large group of teenagers.

Saturday evening officers were called to an incident in the Ballyclare area involving around 100 young people aged 12 to 17 who were drinking alcohol and causing a disturbance.

On arriving at the scene the police had to deal with an intoxicated young woman who had sustained an injury and was required to be taken to hospital by ambulance while accompanied by police.

While dealing with the incident, a number of youths threw bottles at the officers.

In a statement a spokesperson for the PSNI Newtownabbey, who have responsibility for the Ballyclare area, said: "Not only are police concerned about the intoxicated state of some of the young people but also by their actions, which could ultimately result in a criminal record."

They also said that if parents are aware of their children being out in the area that they should contact them.

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