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PSNI burn £3m worth of confiscated drugs

The PSNI have taken to social media to show people what happens to drugs confiscated during their investigations.

Posting on their 'PSNI Craigavon' Facebook page police posted a photo of £3m worth of drugs on the way to a furnace to be burned.

"Ever wondered what £3MILLION worth of drugs looks like? Now you know!," the post read.

"What happened to all the drugs yous steal? Askin' for a mate..." is a regular question under our drug seizure posts.

"Well, here's the answer! It gets wrapped and bagged, thrown in a van, taken to the furnace, and then destroyed.

"Sadly for the haters, no Christmas parties."

The post said that the £3m worth of drugs came from the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon policing area in recent years.

"In here is everything from heroin to prescription meds and all in between, and has now left our district property store significantly more roomy! It's all drugs that have been seized in ABC District in recent months and years," the post read.

"Better off our streets and in a furnace.

"Keep talking to us about dealers and we'll keep adding to the pile. Dealers have no place in society, nor does the death they deal."

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