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PSNI calls for calm over Belfast child abduction concerns

The PSNI is urging parents to remain calm after reports of suspicious approaches being made to primary school children in east Belfast.

The Belfast Telegraph is aware of at least four cases of possible abduction bids being brought to police attention in recent weeks.

Area commander, Chief Inspector Yvonne Davidson, wouldn’t be drawn on the number of confirmed incidents.

Social network online posts have highlighted concerns from parents about an apparent lack of information.

But Chief Inspector Davidson stated that there was “no evidence” to suggest the presence of organised gangs attempting to abduct children to be trafficked out of the country.

She said: “I can categorically state there is no evidence to suggest that in our investigations. We have no evidence to say it’s one person, a group of people or people from a particular part of the community. There have been a number of reports. I’m not going to get into figures, because we have to make sure everything that has been reported is accurate.”

She said while she appreciated people’s concern, false rumours were unhelpful.

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